Adding and Subtracting to Find the Singular Within

Welcome to Wordsmithing Wednesday! I’ll try to do some smithing, anyway. I’m very excited to announce the release of Francisco’s third album, A Singular Within. This time, his creative talents have yielded a gorgeous meditative album, more quiet and peaceful than the first two albums. Adding and Subtracting focuses your energy on whatever it is you’re doing – studying, working, driving – you name it. Groove Morphisms will have you Grooving to a more complex beat than you’ll find at any club. A Singular Within, however, will invite you into its waves of music – at times delicate; at others, haunting. Every track is distinctive, and I’d like to share one with you now. This is Kaivalia – have a listen on Soundcloud by clicking on the album cover:
FJR_SingularWithin_FrontCover 1400x1400
and buy it here:

The album is available digitally by the track or the album:

Physical CDs are on the way,but owing to the time constraints of a CD, we’ve had to remove two of the tracks. The Call and Till Then are only available digitally. Perhaps they’ll pop up on another album? Enjoy!

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