Betty Andreasson: Humble Messenger of Extraterrestrial Agenda, Part 2

Continuing from the first part of our exploration of Betty Andreasson Luca’s abduction experiences, we arrive at the second part, much longer than the first, which will outline the phases of her experience, examine some of the stranger aspects of the case; consider the case of body-separation (i.e., out of body experiences); see how the ET’s meddled in Betty’s affairs, and ponder the ironic contradiction in her role of “messenger” (as she was told) versus the inexplicability and secrecy that has enveloped the abduction activities and outcomes in her life. Lastly, the article shares additional reading by three authors who are trained in research and whose books compiled patterns of experience with dozens of abductees – perhaps this is the best we can hope for in exploring the greatest continuing mystery in modern times.

Read part 2 of the Betty Andreasson case here.

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