Cut To Jay, Francisco, (and James Franco) Conceptualist pt.3

It’s Media Monday on Tuesday – now a regular item for us.

Welcome back to The Conceptualist! Episode 4, but we decided to do a little shuffling around – you’ll find out why soon ( 😉 ) – and make it #3 instead.

In this episode, two of James’ former teachers – Jay Anania of NYU, and Francisco, formerly of Rhode Island School of Design, discuss the artistic inspiration behind some the early films that Franco made (Kenneth Anger, for example), and what Franco was exploring in his projects at NYU.

This colorful piece serves as an excellent introduction to our film, and does what several of our posts (and videos on our Youtube channel – subscribe to get all of the latest videos on all of our documentary subjects!) do – it uses B-roll footage to add to one’s understanding of a film we’re working on before you see it, rather than being tacked on to the end of a film as deleted scenes, or never seen at all. Enjoy!