Las Minas – A Track for the Mines of Southern Spain

When I lived in Spain as a child, I recall the stories of people (gypsies often) working in the mines in Andalucia, the southern province of the country. Who would want to work in mines? Nobody, of course, but the poorest of the poor. These mines had nothing for safety standards, and every year many workers would be lost. Even up north in Madrid, we heard about the perils of these terrible places. This progressive house track’s title is a tribute to that place, and that memory.

Of course, it’s not the same as the flamenco genre known as “La Minera” which is a dirge, sung a capella and always with a tone of mourning for a lost soul, as I write progressive house music. Love and respect to our my brothers and sisters in the region, and to lovers of music everywhere.

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