Patrick Jackson and the Protective Orb Network

Are Benevolent ETs Protecting us from Other Invaders?

Patrick Jackson, an IT specialist, provides an extensive account of a three-layer network of orbs that appear to be protecting the earth from intrusion by other UFOs. This article will analyze his work, his claims, and the implications of the network.

Perhaps this would have been a prescient article some months ago, but it’s likely that it may still be a timely contribution to general knowledge after I realized that many people had never heard of Patrick Jackson. When we look at the kind of careers that UFO researchers, formal as well as informal, have had, they appear to run a pretty wide gamut: scientists, investors, former armed forces personnel, spies and investigators, journalists of all stripes, bloggers and general interest folks, and finally, hobby enthusiasts as well as people who’ve had strange and unusual encounters with UFOs.

However, there have not been very many in this field who come from what we might call computer science or information technology. My PhD is partly devoted to a computer science topic, but Patrick Jackson has a day job as an IT specialist. This provides a fascinating perspective on what is generally a method resistant phenomenon. People see things randomly, and they are not in a position to understand patterns. However, someone working in the IT field is by nature a troubleshooter, a debugger, someone who finds any number of loose clues and draws lines that connect back to a source problem or cause.

As it happens, this field is perfect terrain for that kind of orientation. Something I’ve considered an Achilles’ heel in UFO studies is a vague metaphysics that can cloud reasoning too often. There is reason for spiritual work to be done, based on UFO experiences and observations as much as on the effects of life itself. But we should not allow a romanticized or sentimentalist view of UFO work, whether blissful or paranoid, to take us beyond where the data, and our own developed intuitions, will guide us. Still, there are dimensions beyond both sensation and reason, but answers that fit who we are, individually, will come from within, not based on messages that we hear from the masses.

Patrick’s work has no metaphysics; it is purely a system of operational observations and speculations that make sense in connection with the data. One can disagree or agree with Jackson’s UFO theory, but most of his work is based on what can be confirmed, which is refreshing. In fact, it is the opposite of metaphysics; he takes on superstitious beliefs and places them in a network of mechanisms that are self-operating, presumably to protect humans from alien invasions. The following details come from Jackson’s book, a Facebook group that he runs, and direct conversations with myself and other researchers. I have confirmed with third parties some of the claims, and I confine this article to what can be potentially confirmed, as originally described in his book.

I’m not sure why the book is titled Quantum Paranormal: A 21st Century Analysis of the Paranormal Phenomena, and the cover is a bit strange, given that there are no UFOs referenced by the title or portrayed in the jacket design, even though the book is entirely about UFOs operating what is claimed to be a protective network. This surely misdirected many potential readers who might have been in search of a good text on UFO operations.

As we’ll see, perhaps a better title might have been An Alien Craft Interception Network on Earth.

Context and Operation of a UFO Network on Earth

Jackson provides a historical context, from which we learn that some of the first documented orbs date back to WWII, where orbs were seen intercepting the US, British, and German air forces by swarming the military aircraft, whizzing around them, and causing disruptions in their instrumentation readings as well as numerous communication issues. Less well known is how the orbs were actually altering the laws of physics around the aircraft itself.

Jackson has found not one but three kinds of orbs in operation. The first, known as type 1, is large and operates at altitudes of approximately 100,000 feet in swarms of about 50 or 60. They are often seen as clusters or in lines. Jackson surmised that these orbs were responsible for directing the interception of unwelcome UFOs visiting Earth. How does the 3-orb interception strategy work?

As clusters of orbs, type 1 orbs appear to be distributed in groups, perhaps throughout the most populated areas of earth (i.e., the population factor determines which areas are “protected” by the orb network and will become disturbingly consequential later). When an uninvited aliencraft enters the earth’s lower atmosphere and finds itself located between several clusters of type 1 orbs, they will use a microwave transmitter to notify type 3 orbs down on the ground, following a sort of satellite network model as we use on earth, except that instead of communicating up to higher satellites (as our current networks do), type 1 orbs signal down to the ground, where type 3 orbs, which are waiting in houses or buildings in order to remain undetectable to other kinds of intruding craft, are activated. Once notified of an intrusion by a type 1 orb, a ground-based type 3 orb will then signal up to type 2 orbs, which operate on a kind of relay system. Type 2 relay orbs then create a formation of type 1 orbs, and this formation will surround and intercept the intruder craft. Jackson mapped out the entire relay and interception sequence in this action diagram:

Jackson also provides photo evidence of orbs in the sky whose configurations visually match the described pattern, such as here:

Why “Paranormal”?

As previously mentioned, type 3 orbs operate in homes or buildings in order to remain hidden from other types of intruding craft, and they activate when type 1 orbs alert them to their presence. These type 3 orbs begin to communicate with the type 1 orbs, which causes radiation to be emitted. The unknown architects of this UFO network are apparently aware that the high-intensity microwave transmissions coming from these household type 3 orbs are harmful to human beings. And Jackson believes that they need to motivate humans to get away from the orbs when they are active and transmitting. He quotes the radiation inverse square law, which specifies that the intensity of the radiation goes down by the square of the distance from the source, such that, by moving twice as far from the radiation source, the intensity of the radiation will decrease by a factor of four. This motivates the paranormal connection: the orbs aim to scare humans away from the immediate location of the orbs by means of poltergeist activity – noises and objects being thrown about in a home.

To confirm his theory, Jackson gathered a list of the most haunted houses in the UK, and selected 30 East Drive, in Pontefract, said to be the most haunted house in England, as his experimental target for this reason – a haunted house should be populated by a type 3 orb. Jackson did indeed experience the radiative effects of emissions, felt unwell, and experienced brain swelling, all of which were later determined to be symptoms of radiation poisoning. What we can say with certainty is that radiation exposure makes no sense in a spiritual context, and so this exposure supports his theory.

The transmissions are intermittent, and take place only when the system detects a high altitude intrusion, at which point the type 1 orbs activate the type 3. The purpose of the orbs is almost always protection, so they need to cause people to move away from the transmission source as a protective measure for their health. In addition to moving objects in the house, an orb may also block doors in the attic, which causes people to move downstairs, and then the orb, now in the highest area of the house, begins to transmit up to the orb network.

Below is a short video demonstration of type 2 orbs in action:

​​Jackson demonstrates remarkable skills in putting these pieces together, but has also obtained physical evidence in the form of several orbs themselves, one of which is under study at a major university in the U.S. Another orb apparently crashed 40 years ago, and it’s been held in private hands – the owner keeps it in his shed. That particular orb is semi-active; it has some motion on its own and emits gamma rays.

The method by which these orbs congregate in an interception network is, according to Jackson, rule-based artificial intelligence, which appears to reference some kind of database against which field observations are compared. If the flight characteristics of alien craft match the stored rules, then a set of pre-coded actions are triggered. In this connection, Jackson developed a mobile application called the Ghost Code. This phone app was coded using code found in a UK crop circle. We are not told which crop circle this was, but Jackson says that he was able to decipher and replicate its code, which emits certain frequencies, and he claims that these result in orb-based interactions within 45 seconds. I will test this myself shortly, but I believe it will somehow work. Jackson tested the app in Epping Forest and on a camping trip. He turned on the app, and within a few seconds, the sensors lit up.

The baiting process of this app and another system that Jackson has developed called Qcode can be seen here:

As he has described it to me, his app and Qcode emit light, quickly altering its frequencies, such that any alien artifact associated with the orbs cannot shift its light projection quickly enough and becomes visible.

Five Conclusions

Several conclusions can be drawn from Jackson’s work.

1) Jackson mentions having a number of orbs in his possession, one of which Jaime Maussan, a UFO reporter, acquired. The orb essentially exploded when it fell into a field, and the property owner sold Maussan the broken and partially opened object. The object was cracked open on opposite sides, which allowed investigators to inspect its mechanism. Steve Colbern, a colleague of Jackson’s, found what turned out to be a nanotechnological device composed partly of carbon nanotube bundles believed to be its electronics embedded in the metal, along with regular-shaped voids about half a millimeter across. deliberately introduced into the metal to lower the density. The material appears to have the same density as aluminum but is mostly a titanium alloy and is incredibly strong. It has a built-in anti-gravity device capable of turning at forces exceeding 5 g. One of the orbs was recently shown by Sean Kirkpatrick in his Congressional AARO hearing, and he apparently doesn’t know Jackson’s work, since he states that this object is unknown:

Its sophistication and small size likely mean that this device system is not human technology, but its operators are a mystery.

2) Something not mentioned in all of this is that if this system is correct, then it is clear that whoever designed it intended for humans not to know that it exists. Instead, for example, of allowing household type 3 orbs to move in full view of people in a house or building, the system needs to create a second, false narrative – that of indwelling spirits in a haunted house – such that by scaring people away, it will also protect humans from radiation exposure.

3) An alien system that wards off other alien craft in our atmosphere has several implications; Jackson believes it to be a defensive network protecting humans, although other interpretations are possible. The system is clearly maintaining the status quo on earth: is it warding off ETs who might be here to elevate the earth’s inhabitants? If so, the system could also be seen as part of what some believe, which is that the earth is a kind of prison, and this system would prevent any foreign intelligence from effecting change.

4) Jackson’s book shows what almost no one is talking about, which is that, beyond cattle mutilations, there have been similar mutilations of humans. The book shows several photographs of bodies whose body parts appear to have been removed while the victim was alive. As in the case of cattle mutilations, human organs, often glandular, were removed in a precise cutting method that cauterized wounds instantly through high heat. Jackson offers a term for ETs, which are here to protect, versus those who are performing these mutilations, rustlers and wranglers. As mentioned earlier, the bodies of these victims have been found in remote, desolate areas, from which Jackson concludes that the orb system is here to protect humans, because it operates in areas of high population density, where these kinds of mutilations are never found.

5) Jackson’s work has detractors, but in my opinion, it is too solid to ignore, and is open to further research, and I’m advised that the US government is involved in verifying his claims. What he observes is well documented; let us hope that he is right.

Francisco J. Ricardo, Ph.D.
Burbank, May 2023