“F for Franco”: A Film Essay in Artistic Immersion

A journey through the life and art of actor-author-director-visual artist James Franco.

Directed by Francisco J. Ricardo and filmed over a span of five years.

Produced by Conceptualist Films.

Distributed by Vision Films, this phenomenological film essay dives into the mind and process of James Franco, an artist who forged – literally and figuratively – an identity for Hollywood while remaining an observer of how the film industry thrives on creating and destroying its own icons.

Material related to the “F for Franco”

The film’s original motion picture soundtrack is also here:

Click here to purchase the album.

Francisco Ricardo in conversation with Pulitzer-prize winning poet Frank Bidart, who was a major influence on James Franco’s narrative film aesthetics:

James Franco in “F for Franco” discussing the loss of personal identity

Lastly, a high-spirited segment from the film itself, where Franco, giving his unique take on the classic sitcom, Three’s Company, changes gender roles in some reworked scenes from the TV show.